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Fortunately Loss buy in installments

Debt may be a sure thing all humans approached. Because of the debt will ease the burden on someone. But, make no mistake with a well owe other problems will emerge. So, from now think back if inging buy something in installments (debt).

In other words, the installment of goods should be done, but it must be remembered also advantages and disadvantages. Say, to buy a smartphone in a way purchased with installment six months will be very helpful.

Due to the lure of convenience like that, people in droves looking for a good mortgage facility from a bank or non-bank financial institutions (multi-finance). So spirits, they do not menyadarikalau tied to the system they begin to flower is commonly used by banks or mutli finance. However, people are usually no longer pay attention to the nature of the interest rate tends to fluctuate.

What is certain people prefer to pay by installments because of the ease in obtaining a goods only with a credit system plus a very easy process. Yes, it was in fact able to make a lot of people decide to buy goods on credit.

There are many reasons people use this method to get the goods they want. One is the price of the goods they buy on credit is generally higher than the level of their ability when they have to buy goods for cash.

But whether it will be profitable in the future, because the list of assets that go from purchasing the gadget was not there, different if you menyicil a vehicle, say a car, car purchase was done that could get into the list of assets for after payments are made in full , the car can be sold even if the price drops.

That alone arguably a loss, buy expensive installments and when they want to sell the price of the car (other products) will certainly shrink. Therefore, if you do not want to lose, use the goods purchased by installments for activities that can generate money.

Because, if one installment of a product (the car) to use commercial purposes, such as to open a car rental business (rental) will actually be very profitable. Especially for fixed-income employees, they have to be smart set income and expenditure of their money, of course that their financial condition is maintained.

Otherwise, the direct effect would be felt by the community itself, because there is a sudden rise in the price of installments to be paid without prior notice. So do not be surprised if a lot of people who complain about it. However, banks and other financial institutions, turned out to be on the right side in the positive law.

Because the loan agreement expressly stated that the bank has the right to change interest rates without prior notice. Now, generally average interest rate in today’s consumerist in Kisan 2- 3% per month, or 24-36% per year. In addition to a series of earlier problems, there are many other negative implications of the implementation of the cicialn system.


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